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In the last decade, We have seen Modern Steam showers have come a far way from the traditional steam setups. For starters Steam Showers is no longer restricted to Luxury Hotels and Clubs, The proven health benefits and relaxing effects of taking a good quality steam have made the Steam not just an indulgent luxury ritual but a holistic approach to overall lifestyle enhancement and wellness. The Market is crowded with lots of companies providing installation services and manufacturers of Steam Shower units are constantly adding lots of features to give customers extra value for their buck!. A steam shower could be a regular shower with the added steam feature that is powered by a steam generator. In addition to plain steam, modern steam showers provide additional features such as

Modern steam shower provides additional features such as:

• Foot massager: Mounted on the back wall of the steam cabin, this movable foot massager provides the user with a combination of rollers and hydro massage jets to help soothe sore and aching feet. A unique and relaxing feature designed for users who find themselves on their feet throughout the day.

• Ozone sterilization: Ozone sterilisation or “active oxygen” is a natural and safe purification process that works to destroy viruses and bacteria and whilst sterilising other contaminants that may build up in your steam shower. As an automatic feature, the sterilisation process will start after every steam session, lasting approximately 10 – 15 minutes.

•External audio support: Now you have the luxury to enjoy listening to music while having a stress free relaxed steam. In additional to an FM radio function, this shower enclosure has the ability to support external audio devices through a standard phono (AV) connection mounted at the back of the cabin.  Enjoy a 30 minutes steam session whilst listening to your favourite music played directly from a CD player, iPod or MP3 player.


  • Circulation fan: The steam shower comes complete with a circulation fan mounted flush into the top piece of the cabin, to allow flow of fresh air into the cabin during a steam bathing session. When the steam enters the cabin from the steam outlet, it naturally rises to the top of the cabin – This circulation fan helps to keep the steam moving throughout the cabin.
  • Telephone function: For added convenience, this steam shower enclosure is fitted with a built-in telephone function to allow the user to make and receive telephone calls. If in case you prefer ultimate seclusion, the telephone function can be left disconnected for peace and quiet – ideally best enjoyed being telephone free.
  • Thermostatic temperature valve: This shower enclosure is fitted with a thermostatic valve to make setting your ideal showering temperature an easy task. All thermostatic valves used on these steam cabins utilise an Italian sourced shape memory allow which helps to maintain constant water temperatures, eliminating any sudden changes in temperature.
  • Automatic safety features and residual current device: These steam cabins come complete with automatic overheat protection built into the steam generator, which works to shut down the cabin in the event of no water being detected. Furthermore, this steam shower comes complete with a dedicated residual current device which works to automatically turn-off the cabin in the event of unbalanced current, protecting the user and the cabin.

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